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Vans Penken Park: Penken Battle 2017 – This Is It

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Faces & Statements

Jacco Bos

Rider Profil "I like to see all different kinds of parks and meeting new people all the time. This makes it really fun to snowboard at these contest!"

Maxi Preissinger

Rider Profil "Die QParks Tour ist auf jeden Fall ein tolles Sprungbrett um in die internationale Contest Szene zu kommen. Vor allem aufgrund der top Organisation und des professionellen Judgings!"

Tinkara Valcl

Rider Profil "There is a special atmosphere at these competitions, there is no pressure it’s just a great day on the mountain with lots of great people and great riders. I' ll try to come to as many stops as I can and I am already feeling excited for the next stop."
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Best Trick Voting Snowboard

Das Voting zum BEST TRICK BATTLE ist geschlossen, vielen Dank für deine Teilnahme!

Der Gewinner ist ...

  10 #1 Best Trick Battle ROJal: Kevin Trammer
  9 #2 Best Trick Bohny Masters Feldberg: Lorenzo Peeters
  5 #3 Best Trick QParks Tour Finals: Jacco Bos
  16 #4 Best Trick Penken Battle: Jamie Trinder
  2 #5 Best Trick Nockn'n'Rock: Benedek Kis
  1 #6 Best Trick Plan P: Clemens Millauer