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Judges of the QParks Tour - Info, Facts & Tipps

Our judges and speakers play an essential role in our QParks Tour. Without judges there’s no contest. It’s as simple as that. However, without our pro-judges and speakers from the community we couldn’t realize our contests and they wouldn’t be as legendary as they are. Find out more about the guys behind the judging sheets and get helpful first-hand tips right here. 

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Andy Lehmann

  • Judging since: 2005
  • Snowboard or Freeski: Snowboard
  • Riding since: 1991
  • Home resort: Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Insta: lehmann_andy
  • Shred music: none – I like the shred sounds
  • Besides snow activities: DH Mountain biking/Enduro
  • Your no go in the park: Ski school groups, earphones
  • How did you get involved in freestyle: Through skateboarding
  • Biggest Achievement in sports: Still being involved! 29th season; went snowboarding one day with Ingemar Backmann in my home resort; 24 years of coverage in a row, having filmed with Pirates and Marco Lutz, 10 years Ride, 10 years Nitro, 15 years VANS, 13 years QParks.
  • Best trip: probably Alaska in 2014
  • Worst trip: probably Canada without snow in 2007
  • Jump, Jib or Pow: All of it!!! But preferably Pow!
  • Being a judge, how do you prepare yourself for a contest: having a good sleep, no breakfast and staying concentrated
  • Your tip for tour riders: Don’t take it too seriously! Focus on the fun you have while snowboarding/freeskiing and try to have a good time with the others. The rest comes easy then.
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Lars „LO“ Oesterle

  • Judging since: 2003/2004
  • Snowboard or Freeski: Snowboard
  • Riding since: 1992/93
  • Home resort: Innsbruck Area
  • Shred music: Hip Hop ONLY
  • Besides snow activities: Basketball, Skateboarding, Surfing
  • Your no go in the park: by-passers stopping/parking on obstacles to watch
  • How did you get involved in Freestyle: My mum signed me up for a snowboard course, simply because she got scared of her racing-boy on skis.
  • Biggest Achievement in sports: 1st Flachau Spring Battle 2008 - Cover MBM Oct 2003 - Pirate Movie Production “Pirate Radio“ Video Part - still able to ride at naughty forty
  • Best trip: various
  • Jump, Jib or Pow: all of them, depends on my mood
  • As a judge, how do you prepare yourself for a contest: Before training I do check the weather and snow conditions, location check, inspect the course, set up our judge position, check the riders lists, radio check, talk to the riders, then watch the training and communicate with my judge colleagues, having an eye upon the riders’ level for the upcoming competition to make sure to have an appropriate range of my judging scores.
  • Your tip for tour riders: Enjoy every day on your snowboard!

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